Founded in 2005, Tuba Design Furniture is a European style restaurant and bar.

Found in 2005, Tuba Design Furniture & Restaurant in Bangkok is where nonconformity is a fashion statement. A life-sized Yoda statue, a 19th-century diving helmet, and Spiderman are all part of the decor at this art gallery and bar. From the nude portraits on the walls to the vintage mismatching furniture, Tuba is like no other bar in
Bangkok – or Thailand, for that matter.

Part antique gallery, part bohemian hangout, with a varied Thai-Italian inspired menu and one of the longest cocktail lists in the city, Tuba feels more like an eccentric friend’s house than a bar and restaurant, and that is its selling point: come here with a group of friends, find yourselves a secluded nook, sink into an antique sofa, and don’t forget your camera.